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Who is Dylan Jackie?

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Dylan is a dynamic and inventive leader, adeptly navigating the realms of operations management, product strategy, quality assurance, IT, project leadership, user experience, and continual enhancement. With a decade-spanning career encompassing progressive roles, Dylan's expertise shines through in each facet of his professional journey. He has demonstrated an unwavering capacity to deliver ambitious products, even within the confines of aggressive timelines and budgetary constraints. Beyond his remarkable proficiency, Dylan possesses an engaging and personable demeanor, fortified by impeccable communication skills, enabling him to forge cross-functional collaborations with internal and external stakeholders on pivotal initiatives.

With an MS in Agile Project Management from Northeastern University, a BA in Graphic / Information Design from Central Connecticut State University, and certifications from General Assembly and Apple, Dylan's commitment to education and professional growth is evident. His journey showcases a relentless pursuit of excellence, a passion for innovation, and an unwavering dedication to bridging the realms of design, technology, and strategy. Connect with Dylan on LinkedIn to delve into his inspiring journey and witness firsthand the profound impact he has made in the realms of operations, project management, product management, and user experience.

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Dylan is actively searching for a job in Product / Project / Operations Management and is open to relocation and remote working opportunities. Click Here to download a current copy of his resume and use the links above to get in contact with him.


What qualifies him to join your team.
2021 - 2023

Senior Operations Manager

Back Market

Brooklyn, New York

Founded the US Innovation Lab at Back Market, dedicated to fostering best quality practices among both domestic and global sellers. Engineered an array of software and hardware solutions, amplifying seller capabilities on the Back Market platform. This transformative effort simultaneously elevated product quality, streamlined efficiency, and maximized profitability. Orchestrated and managed numerous quality-focused initiatives, fostering cross-functional collaboration and leveraging technical expertise to inform strategic decision-making.

Key Accomplishments:
• Spearheaded the evolution of quality standards and practices, culminating in an overall defective rate for the refurbished catalog that surpasses that of newly manufactured items.
• Pioneered and personally supervised the inaugural Back Market US intern program, providing mentorship and guidance to multiple interns.

2010 - 2021

Genius / Genius Administrator

Apple Inc - Apple Retail

New York, New York

Orchestrate solution development through cross-functional leadership of 150+ technicians providing superior customer service to thousands of people each week.

Provided in-the-moment feedback to engage and empower team members.

Key Accomplishments:
Implemented process improvements that reduced timelines while improving session performance.
Selected for three out-of-role corporate work experiences due to exceptional performance.


QA Frontline Support Role

Apple Inc - Internal Contact Support

Sacramento, California (Remote)

Delivered frontline support to multiple internal contact center applications, including onboarding and troubleshooting.

Performed quality assurance testing and validation on multiple global service systems.

Recorded, converted, uploaded, and managed new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts and hold music.

Key Accomplishments:
Implemented process improvements that reduced timelines while improving session performance.
Selected for three out-of-role corporate work experiences due to exceptional performance.


Product Manager, Experience

Apple Inc - AppleCare Channel Service Systems

Sunnyvale, CA

Led cross-functional team initiatives to provide end-to-end product releases for both Genius Bar internal applications: MobileGenius and Repair Central.

Spearheaded test script writing, bug reporting, prioritization, and follow-up for UAT and Production Validation Testing.

Provided feedback during UX and design discussions using customer-focused design solutions.

Key Accomplishments:
Created documentation and Keynote presentations on roll-out changes to enable effective decision-making by testers, stakeholders, and end users.
Championed multiple releases for MobileGenius and Repair Central.


Visual / UX Design Contractor

Vitamin T

Boston, MA

Partnered with creative directors to drive initial design development and conversations for social networking mobile applications and desktop sites.

Collaborated with UX teams to capture user research and influence product design in early development stage.

Produced and presented wireframes, prototypes, and animated decks for development teams and executives.

Key Accomplishments:
Developed wireframe prototypes that led to development of final design of professional social network.


Visual Design Experience

Apple, Inc. - Apple Retail Marketing

Cupertino, California

Translated across design and development languages to communicate with cross-functional teams.

Conceptualized visual design for both internal and customer-facing iOS applications.

Developed prototypes for use in meetings with managers, developers, and executives.

Established and organized content management systems and file servers.

Key Accomplishments:
Created visual design for initial version of the Apple Store App for iPad.
Adapted on-the-fly to brand-new design language introduced with iOS 7 – skeuomorphic to flat design.


The foundation to his success.
2019 – 2020

Northeastern University

Masters of Science Agile Project Management

Boston, MA

General Assembly

Product Managemnet Certificate

New York, NY
2009 – 2013

Central Connecticut state university

Bachelor of Arts Graphic / Information Design

New Brittain, CT