User-Centric Product Professional


Brooklyn, NY




Who is Dylan Jackie?

Meet Dylan

Dylan is a highly motivated professionally trained creative that excels in developing visually pleasing, intuitive products. He holds a BA in Graphic / Information Design from Central Connecticut State University and a certificate in Product Management from General Assembly in New York, New York. He uses his sharp eye for detail and passion for simplicity to create stunning, efficient products. He has a strong background in web, user interface and user experience design as well as a working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java Script. Combining his keen eye for design with his vast technical knowledge, Dylan is the perfect candidate for any project requiring great style and usability. Dylan has been a key team member on many large projects and is not only able to follow direction, but also take on a leadership role with confidence. His communication skills amongst not only peers, but also superiors, helps him accomplish tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

Hire Him

Dylan is actively searching for a job in Product / Project / Program Management. Click Here to download a current copy of his resume and use the links above to get in contact with him.


Why he belongs on your team.

Product management

Dylan has managed several releases of both public and internal web and mobile applications. He is comfortable working directly with designers, developers, users as well as executives.



His attention to detail and strong organizational skills fit very well into the project management world. He enjoys tracking the progress of projects and communicating updates along the way.


visual design

Dylan's educational background led him into the field of visual design after college, where he honed his skills for making ascetically pleasing products.


user experience design

Beyond making things look nice, Dylan's major focus during the design process is making sure his products are useable. He relies on his UX experience to ensure this from the beginning to the end.


Web coding basics

Dylan is comfortable editing and manipulating HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He is able to interpret many other scripting languages and has a solid understanding of the limitations of them.



Comfort in both written and verbal communication has always been the backbone to Dylan's professional process. He loves to collaborate with all teams involved in a project to create efficient final products.


What he brings to the table.

mac os




Atlassian confluence




Microsoft Office / iWork




adobe creative suite


requirement writing


What qualifies him to join your team.

Product Manager Experience

Apple Inc - AppleCare Channel Service Systems

Cupertino, California

Acted as the release manager on multiple releases for both of the Genius Bar internal applications: MobileGenius (iPad / iPhone) and Repair Central (Mac). Managed cross-functional teams to ensure open communication of the status of production.

Assisted with UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and PVT (Production Validation Testing) stages, including test script writing, bug reporting, prioritization and follow up.

Participated in in-store roll outs, providing on demand support for users during launch in several locations.

Hosted Meetings to set priority and track the status of open issues with all cross-function teams involved.

Provided production sign offs before roll out of new builds. Created and presented several documents and Keynote presentations to provide insight to testers, stake holders and end users about the changes we roll out.

Assisted in the writing and editing of service documentation affected by the changes in our program releases.

Attended UX and design discussions during preliminary stages of development to provide feedback using the filter of customer focused design choices.

2010 - Present 

Genius Bar

Apple Inc - Apple Retail

New York, New York | Farmington, Connecticut

Oversee Genius Bar queue, including managing team timeliness, session performance, session duration and breaks for a team of over 100.

Manage service metrics and provide feedback to team members around behaviors and impacts the decisions they make while in queue have on the team as a whole.

Diagnose, troubleshoot and repair all hardware and software on MacOS and iOS products for one of the company’s global flagship stores.

Lead a team of 150+ technicians to help achieve metric goals all while providing top level customer service solutions to hundreds of customers per week.

Manage all ongoings of the Repair Room including: repair assignments, inventory control, priority setting, supply ordering and queue management.

Track and organize over 750 repairs of computers and mobile devices per week, ensuring the best possible experience for customers.

Bridge the communication of status updates and turn around times to both customers and management team to ensure the most efficient repair process possible.


Visual Design Experience

Apple Inc - Retail Marketing

Cupertino, California

Joined the Retail Marketing Design team at a pivotal design point, the transition between the design language of iOS 6 (skeuomorphic) and iOS 7 (flat).

Provided visual design for both internal and customer facing iOS applications, notably the Apple Store App for iPad.

Organized and reviewed content in CMS and file servers.

Worked as a liaison between the design and developer teams, leveraging understanding of the lingo and jargon between both parties to facilitate more efficient communication and development.

Created the scaffolding for spec sheets for developers to streamline the development process.

Engaged in UAT (user expectance testing) and filing of bug reports.

Created prototypes for use in meetings with managers, as well as to show concepts to developers.

2013 – 2015

Visual / UX Design Contractor

Aquent - Vitamin T

Boston, Massachusetts

Worked directly with creative directors on projects including mobile applications (iOS and Android) and websites (primarily social networks).

Conducted user research for user experience teams for products in early development stages.

Created idea-maps to get tangible concepts to managers and investors.

Created wireframes, prototypes and animated decks to help communicate to larger teams as products gained full backing.


The foundation to his success.
2009 – 2013

Central Connecticut state university

Bachelor of Arts Graphic / Information Design

New Brittain, Connecticut

General Assembly

Product Managemnet Certificate

New York, New York